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OSX Mavericks Wallpaper 5120×2880 Wallpaper

Posted by Matt Solomon

OSX Mavericks Wallpaper 5120×2880 Wallpaper
OSX Mavericks Wallpaper 5120×2880 Wallpaper 4.78/5 (95.63%) 32 votes

After Apples fantastic keynote yesterday showcasing iOS7 and OSX Mavericks we proudly present to all of you Mac fans (and windows!) the official OSX Mavericks Wallpaper for download. In its full size 5120×2880 its the best wallpaper to get you ready for OSX Mavericks coming later this fall!

OSX Mavericks Wallpaper

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OSX Mavericks comes packes with a whole new array of features, read up on apples keynote for the full breakdown but we wanted to just talk about one feature here incase you havent already seen it.

OSX Mavericks Multiple Displays

The multi-display update coming to Mavericks is so powerful, you’ll be able to control each external monitor individually, with menus and docks. You can swipe between full screen apps in one display whilst keeping the desktop in another!

Why do we love this OSX Mavericks feature so much? Simple, multidisplays mean more and more people will start to use the multidisplay feature, which means more OSX Maverick Wallpapers will be seen on more monitors :)

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