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iOS7 Galaxy Wallpaper

Posted by Matt Solomon

  • iOS7 Galaxy Wallpaper
  • iOS7 Galaxy Wallpaper
iOS7 Galaxy Wallpaper 4.68/5 (93.68%) 19 votes

We proudly present a wallpaper that will truly help get your iPhone ready for iOS7! iOS7 is Apples latest operating system for mobile devices. Download the first iOS7 Wallpaper made available online!

This special download includes two iOS7 wallpapers, the second has been customised by us. Blurred iPhone wallpapers are going to be really special in iOS7, so this iOS7 background needed a little TLC. Download today the original iOS7 wallpaper, and included we’ll give you a customised blurred version, its beautiful!

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This is the perfect iOS7 Galaxy Wallpaper!

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